Refund Policy

Your purchase is a subscription to our service. It includes the first 30 day period of use, full access and use of the ScheduleYA and YipDeals software and training materials. After the initial 30 Day Subscription period expires, you will be charged $29.97 monthly as a Subscription Fee, in order to continue using the service. Your PayPal account will automatically be charged monthly, approximately 30 days from the date you make the first payment. There are no refunds for partial periods and the first period begins when your PayPal or Credit Card are charged the Initial Subscription Fee.

If you decide not to continue your Subscription during or after your Initial 30 Day Subscription, you must cancel your account from within the ScheduleYA or YipDeals system or cancel your subscription through Paypal. By paying the Initial Subscription Fee of $29.97 you understand and agree that you will have access to, and use of, proprietary services and will not receive any refund should you choose not to continue using the service. You agree that you will not reverse charges, file chargeback claims or open a PayPal case to obtain a refund.

To cancel your monthly subscription using Paypal, you must cancel your Paypal Subscription from with-in Paypal. Once your Paypal account has been cancelled your monthly payment will be cancelled. You can cancel your account at any time simply by logging in, going to the Subscription page and clicking the “Cancel my account” link.

If YippeeO LLC decides to offer, and you opt to pay once a year in advance there is no part refund if you decide to stop using your account during the year. Once you pay for a year upfront your account will be live for 12 months. After the 12 months you can either re-new for a whole year, pay month by month or Cancel your account.

Some accounts may require an upfront payment and we do not offer any refunds once the charges have occurred.